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Matthew Loughran, EMBA

Husband, Father, Friend, Coach, Entrepreneur 

About Matthew

Matthew is a seasoned executive and influential leader in the emerging technology landscape, specializing in fintech, AI, Web3, and health tech. His expertise in achieving product-market fit and driving social impact through technology has positioned him as a trusted advisor to startups and established firms alike. Matthew’s work spans advising Generative AI, Fintech, Web3, and mobility startups, contributing with fresh eyes and innovative approaches to achieve product-market fit, and serving on the boards of impactful nonprofits.

With a strategic focus on brand and product development, go-to-market strategies, and innovative customer acquisition methods, Matthew aligns multilateral stakeholders across diverse sectors to leverage technology for meaningful change. His efforts have significantly contributed to the broader adoption of AI, Fintech, and Web3 solutions, fostering global partnerships that bridge NGOs, government bodies, faith-based organizations, and nonprofits.

As a Humanity 2.0 Patron Council member, Forbes Impact Community contributor, and the Laudato Si Business Impact Award recipient, Matthew’s contributions are recognized at the highest levels, including past collaboration with The Vatican's Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development. 

Matthew’s vision for businesses to succeed with a double or triple-bottom-line approach underlines his belief in the power of responsible business practices. As a respected voice in business publications and a proponent of ethical business strategies, Matthew is ideally positioned to offer unparalleled consultancy services or leadership to companies aiming for impactful growth in the tech-driven landscape.

Recent AI Projects

Ask Abuelita

Excited to introduce Ask Abuelita – the digital platform where traditional wisdom meets modern convenience. Dive into a world of Mexican culinary secrets, home remedies, and parenting advice, all shared by our beloved AI character, Abuelita. A bridge to the rich Mexican culture, offering more than just answers but a connection to a vibrant heritage. Explore her wisdom at

Craftsman AI

Unlock the Power of AI-Driven Digital Marketing for Your Home Services Business

We specialize in transforming your digital presence through advanced AI automation tailored specifically for the Home Services Industry. Experience growth like never before with our comprehensive suite of marketing solutions designed to enhance visibility and drive engagement.

WellsAI - Wellness Coach

Welcome to WellsAI, your personal sanctuary for wellness and self-care. Designed specifically for people seeking balance and rejuvenation, our app offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to guide you on your journey to holistic well-being. Whether you're looking to find inner peace, enhance your physical health, or cultivate emotional resilience, our tailored content and interactive features are here to support you every step of the way.

CV Snippet


Washington State University - Executive MBA 

Loyola University Maryland - Bachelors of Science - Biology 

Work Experience

Thorn -  Director of Product Marketing: Advanced AI and proprietary technology to detect and prevent the spread of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) across online platforms, offering both API-based and self-hosted solutions for comprehensive digital safety.

Therapy Brands - Director of Strategy & Product Marketing: Provides specialized software for mental health, substance recovery, and therapy practitioners, focusing on practice management, electronic health records, and billing to enhance efficiency and patient care. 

Klen App - Interim CEO: AI platform designed to enhance customer trust and safety communication for businesses. It provides a unified dashboard for adhering to and communicating COVID-19 safety guidelines and regulations. 

Data Innovation Labs - CMO: Data Innovation Labs specializes in data science and decision intelligence consulting to foster business growth in finance, healthcare, marketing, and blockchain sectors.

Fractional CMO / Product Marketing

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Volunteer Work


TEDxFolsom Executive Director

As the Executive Director of TEDxFolsom, I lead our chapter's strategic direction and overall operation, ensuring that we consistently align with TED's mission of spreading ideas worth sharing. My role involves curating diverse speakers who bring groundbreaking and innovative ideas to our stage, fostering partnerships with local and global organizations, and engaging with our community to build an environment encouraging curiosity, learning, and dialogue. I oversee a dedicated team, guiding our marketing, communications, and event planning efforts to create impactful, inspiring events that captivate our audience and contribute to a broader conversation that can spur change and innovation. My commitment is to nurture a platform where voices from various disciplines can come together to challenge conventional thinking and inspire actions that reimagine our future.

Granite City Entrepreneurship Foundation - Board Chair

As the Board Chair at the Granite City Entrepreneurship Foundation, I play a pivotal role in fostering and supporting entrepreneurship within the Folsom community. My responsibilities include guiding the foundation's mission to enrich and educate entrepreneurs and small business owners through mentorship, advisory services, and facilitating access to resources. This mission aims to empower the local economy and address community challenges by promoting innovation, diversity of ideas, and economic development.

Granite City Entrepreneurship Foundation

Published Books

Some Kind Words

"Matt is a born entrepreneur and marketer, with brilliant ideas, innovative drive and a wealth of business experience. He is a natural leader with an engaging and supportive style. A pleasure to work with."

- Elena Smith

"Matthew quickly grasped the purpose of my digital marketing campaign and created the marketing automation to implement it in a highly professional manner. Working with Matthew has been a delight."

- Rose Marshall

"Working on a team with Matt was a real pleasure, his management style is very empowering and supportive and his marketing skills are next level. He struck a perfect balance between teaching self-reliance and being there when needed to guide and coach. Taking responsibility for the team and their overall performance, he was never afraid to get down in the trenches and do what needed to be done for the organization to succeed.

It's not often that you find a leader who knows how to manage people correctly, who doesn't lead with an ego, and who doesn't think they are beyond doing the grunt work when needed. Matt is adaptable, collaborative, and innovative. I learned a lot when working with him and still call on him for advice. I can't recommend him enough. If you want to see your sales and marketing team go from zero to sixty, Matt is your guy!"

Mirey Faema

"With a true open door policy, Matt always welcomes new ideas (the good and the bad) that align with KPIs and company goals. His clear expectations and trust in his team allow for quick executions, but he fine tunes with quality feedback and the finesse you would expect from a leader."

Elizabeth Lui

"LI've had the pleasure to work with a handful of great leaders and Matt is top of the list. Although I only had the chance to spend a year with him, he was a major reason I had a great final year at TPD filled with great lessons, intended for business but used in life.

His leadership style is comfortable, open, and effective. Matt did a great job of teaching me the value, best practices and methodology behind in-bound marketing. Skills I transferred to my talent acquisition successes unintentionally.
More importantly, he empowered me to not only recognize I have wings but then taught me to figure out what they are made of & how they function. Matt then taught me to go the extra mile, to think more deeply and recognize there is wind, before taking flight in any of life's adventures.
He's genuine, knowledgable, and a pleasure to work with. "

- Farinaz Farzadnia

Article Samples

The Importance of AI Ethics

As artificial intelligence continues to advance at a rapid pace, it’s crucial that we consider the ethical implications of developing and deploying these powerful technologies. AI has the potential to revolutionize industries and improve many aspects of our lives. However, if not guided by strong ethical principles, AI could also cause unintended harm or perpetuate unfair biases. When building an AI model, there are several key ethical considerations…

The data used to train machine learning mod

Enhancing Wellness, Healthcare, and Social Bonds through Generative AI

Generative AI is swiftly becoming a cornerstone in the realms of wellness, healthcare, and social interaction, heralding a new era where personalized care and enriched human connections become the norm. This article delves into the myriad ways in which AI optimizes healthcare outcomes and enhances social bonds and personal well-being. By carefully examining generative AI’s capabilities, we explore its potential to tailor healthcare solutions and augment social experiences, offering a glimpse int

How To Create a Culture of Innovation in Your Community

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. The same can be said for innovation. To bring new ideas to life, you need a supportive community that will help you every step of the way. But how do you build such a community? Here are a few tips:

Find like-minded individuals: Look for people who share your passion for innovation and are open to new ideas.

Create a space for collaboration: Whether it’s a physical space or an online platform, it’s important to have a place where people

The Transformative Power of Social Group Therapy for Neurodiverse Young Adults

Navigating the complexities of social interactions can be challenging for many, but for young adults on the autism spectrum, it can sometimes feel like an insurmountable hurdle. As parents, watching our children grapple with these challenges can be heart-wrenching. However, there's a beacon of hope: social group therapy. This therapeutic approach, rooted in evidence-based practices, offers a supportive environment for young adults with autism to hone their social skills and build meaningful conn

The Blue Economy and Our Sustainable Future

Today, 40% of the world’s population lives near coastlines, more than 3 billion people rely on marine and coastal biodiversity for their livelihood, and 80% of world trade is reached using the seas. The oceans, seas, and coastal areas are global resources that contribute to economic development, food security, and poverty eradication. However, our exploitation of these resources results in extensive environmental degradation threatening marine and coastal ecosystems.

Acidification, pollution,

How to Nourish Your Noggin: Unpacking the Intellectual Dimension of Wellness - Wells AI Wellness Coaching

Ever caught yourself pondering over a problem, feeling your cerebral cogs whirring into action, and thought, “My brain’s getting quite the workout today!”? Well, hold on to your hippocampus, because this post is all about pumping that gray matter! That’s right, we’re diving headfirst into the Intellectual Dimension of Wellness, a realm where your brain reigns supreme and curiosity is currency.

It’s time to lace up your mental sneakers and embark on a journey through the cerebral playground. Let